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Thursday, December 07, 2006

WTH is Madonna Thinking?

As if people aren't after her enough right now, she goes out wearing the fur of 40 dead Chincillas. This is a $65,000 coat. I can't even imagine spending that much money on such a fugly article of clothing.

At one time, it was believed that Madge was a vegetarian. Since her marriage to Guy Ritchie she seems to have changed her tune and is a supporter (and lover) of hunting. She has said the following on the topic:

"I wear leather shoes. I eat fish, I eat chicken and I eat game. I like knowing what I'm eating and knowing the process. You have more respect for things you eat when you go through, or see, the process of killing them.''

"When you are shooting, you are standing in the forest for really long periods of time, so you end up looking at the leaves and the sky and the trees and you have a lot of time to meditate,''

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