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Friday, June 13, 2008

Dr. Drew VS Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise's camp did not appreciate recent comments about the actor/Scientologist that Dr. Drew Pinsky made about him and it seems to have ignited a little Hollywood argument.

In an upcoming edition of Playboy, Dr. Drew is quoted as saying:

"A lot of people in the public eye who behave strangely have mental illness we can learn from, and much of it is based on childhood trauma, without a doubt.

"Take a guy like Tom Cruise. Why would somebody be drawn into a cultish kind of environment like Scientology? To me, that's a function of a very deep emptiness and suggests serious neglect in childhood — maybe some abuse, but mostly neglect."

In response, attorney for Cruise, Bert Fields told The NY Post Page Six:

"This unqualified television performer who is obviously just looking for notoriety is so grotesquely unprofessional as to pretend to diagnose Tom and others without ever meeting them.

"He seems to be spewing the absurdity that all Scientologists are mentally ill. The last time we heard garbage like this was from Joseph Goebbels."

Dr. Drew and friends didn't care much for that statement and a rep responded with:

"Dr. Drew meant no harm to Mr. Cruise and apologizes if his comments were hurtful,"

"Although Mr. Fields' intent is clearly to slander and discredit Dr. Drew, under no circumstances is Dr. Drew making a blanket diagnosis about Scientology nor Mr. Cruise whom he does not know,"

"Dr. Drew was simply using Mr. Cruise as an example of someone who is recognizable to help the public understand. Again, Dr. Drew meant him no harm"

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