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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Angelina Erases Aniston from Malibu Home

A source recently told Britain's Daily Mirror that Angelina Jolie has insisted that Brad Pitt remove all traces of ex wife Jennifer Aniston from his home.

The source says: "Now they're a family, Angelina wants to make the home their own.......The pieces Brad collected with Jen were among the first to go. Then the child-unfriendly stuff was ditched - all the pointy corners and sharp edges."

A source also claims that Jolie offended Brads parents when she refused to dress baby Shiloh in clothes purchased by Grandma and Grandpa Pitt. The source says: "Angelina knows her own mind and knows how she wants her children dressed. She doesn't like girlie, pink, frilly clothes. You can see that by how she dresses Zahara. She doesn't want her babies dressed like dolls." adding: "I don't think she realises how much she has upset Brad's family."

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